5 Hand-Picked Destinations for Solo Travellers

It is rightly said that travelling is more about finding yourself as it is exploring new places and encountering unique cultures and ideas. The best way to experience all this is by solo travelling. It gives a whole new perspective of life eventually leading to a whole new experience. Once in a lifetime, everyone should travel solo to experience the ecstasy. Without a much adieu, we bring you a five enthralling, destination to explore yourself as a solo traveller.

Cherrapunji – Meghalaya


This out of the world destination in the northeast is surreal. Tagged as the Scotland of the East, because of its grassy moors, traversing the place makes it an unforgettable experience. The place is laced with nature’s bounty featuring mesmerising waterfalls, scenic beauty and unique tree root bridges. Visiting here as a single traveller opens up a whole new perspective towards life. So if you want to divulge this exquisite land then go for Northeast Holiday Packages from Tybros holidays.

Solan – Himachal Pradesh


Pack your bags and hit the road only to be landed on the splendid and pristine mountainous city of Solon. Relish the bliss with untouched beauty welcoming you at every corner. Travelling alone gives you ample opportunity to explore the land, its native, culture, cuisines and a lot. Enjoy this amazing place and cherish the journey.

Orchha – Madhya Pradesh


Escape into the heart of India only to find the hidden gem that is perfect for a solo traveller. Orchha an erstwhile kingdom of Bundelas, proudly showcases its rich legacy. Nestled on the banks of the Betwa River, the place is a perfect marinade of spirituality, adventure and romance. For a lone wanderer, the place is perfect to contemplate while unravelling its divergent facets. Lavished with rich history, still the place does not see heavy footfalls of tourists.

Khajuraho – Madhya Pradesh


A small village in Madhya Pradesh famous for its UNESCO-listed congregation of Hindu and Jain temples. These ancient relics are celebrated for their erotic carvings and architectural legacy. When travelling solo these intriguing engraving will have an incredible impact and could drastically change the way you look at the life. Away from the hustle bustle, it is also a great place to devour a serene and pristine destination by availing Customized holiday deals.

Madurai – Tamil Nadu

Madurai temple, India

Travelling solo has its own charm and this you will find once you land in Madurai. The southernmost town of India popularly known as the Athens of the East is a treat to explore solo. The alleyways bustling with intricate southern style temples and rich culture. The best part of this ancient town is that no matter where you go in the city all the paths eventually leads to the imposing and mesmerizing Meenakshi Amman Temple.

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