Adventurous Himalayan Trekking Trails One Must Embark On Summer

India’s divergent landscape makes the country a favourite among the global travel enthusiasts. It has got everything from deserts to dense tropical jungles, vast ocean and incredible beaches. But in its Northern part, it has got the Himalayas. The tallest mountain range in the entire world. These soaring mountain ranges boast some of the eye-catching outdoors ideal for indulging in a range of adventurous activities. Heavy snowfall and frosty temperature in winter limit the access but in summers these stunning mountains entice trekkers and hikers from all over the country. In this article, we are going to bring some of the incredible trekking and hiking trail located in the Indian Himalayan range.

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

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The Gomuk Tapovan Trek adventure will take you to the source of India’s holiest river “Ganga”. It is here the river originates from the Gangotri glaciers. The source of the river is called “Gomukh” in Hindi, which translates into Cows mouth. The place is also one of the sacred sights to the Hindus. And for trekkers, the place is a paradise. While trekking to the Gomukh Tapovan trekkers will pass through spectacular outdoors laden with tall deodar trees, snow-cloaked mountains, gurgling rivulets, serene and quite villages. The trek is moderate, not an arduous and even an average man could take part in the trek. On reaching the Tapovan, relish the exquisite view of the stunning peaks of Bhagirathi I, II, III, Mt. Shivling, Chaturangi, Meru Parvat, Bhirgupanth and Sudharsan.

General Trek Information
Place: Garhwal Himalaya
Altitude: 4465 Meters
Season: May – October
Trekking Challenge: Moderate

The Chadar Trek or Zanskar Frozen River Trek

nileshukeyImage Source: Nileshukey

This trek is one of the most thrilling and requires very high mental and physical awareness. The trekker has to walk on the frozen Zanskar River or on the Chadar (Ice Sheet). It is thrilling because trekkers have to be extra cautious because of the uneven formation of the ice leaving patches of thinly frozen ice or not frozen with cool glacial water gushing. So at this point, trekkers have to make a new path or walk on the side of the frozen river’s bank. The temperature always hovers in between -25 to -30 degrees. The trek is arduous and needs a physical and high level of mental stamina to carry on. While trekking adventures would pass through enthralling Buddhist monasteries, quaint villages and exquisite valleys. The trek is a lifetime experience filled with spectacular outdoors, ice blanketed rivers, caves, wonderful sledging experience and not to forget the continuously changing chadar or frozen Zanskar River.

General Trek Information
Region: Ladakh Himalaya
Altitude: 3850 Meters
Season: January – February
Trekking Challenge: Moderate to Challenging

Markha Valley Trek (Tea House Trek)

thenorthlinesImage Source: Thenorthlines

The trek to the Markha Valley is a lifetime experience. It allows trekkers to pass through the two highest passes in the region that are Gandala La (4800 m) & Kongmaru La (5150 m). From drooling sites of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges to the 21,000 ft Kang Yissay and the 20,086 ft Stok Kangri summit will unwrap the magic. The trekking trail is peppered with charming scenic beauty laden with Buddhist monasteries, peaceful and beautiful hamlets, lush meadows of Nimaling, and soaring Kangyaste peak. The trek famously called the ‘tea house trek’ is an exquisite amalgamation of Trans-Himalayan beauty blended with quaint and picturesque ancient Ladakhi culture. While trekking into the valley one would get the touch and feel of Tibet. The Markha trek also gives way to another popular Kang Yatse trekking adventure.

General Trek Information
Place: Ladakh Himalaya
Altitude: 5150 Meters
Season: Mid – June to Mid – October
Trekking Challenge: Moderate

Kuari Pass Trek

KUARI-PASS-TREK -dreammountainImage Source: Dreammountain

The Kuari Pass Trek in the Garhwal region is a must for those wanting to explore the nature at its best. The trek passes through a plethora of valleys, high enchanting passes and quaint mountain villages. Located in the Chamoli district the trek unfolds the enthralling beauty of the pristine region. The experience will be soul awakening combining with chill wind, crystal clear environment and mind soothing scenery. On reaching the Kuari Pass trekkers will be treated with Gorson Bugyal (meadows) and glistening view of the Mt.Nanda Devi the second highest peak in India, Hathi Parbat Peak and Dronagiri Peak. The trek is also called Lord Curzon trail named after the viceroy of India. He was the first to trek through the Kuari Pass.

General Trek Information
Region: Garhwal Himalaya
Altitude: 4268 Meters
Season: Mid-April to June and September – November
Grade: Moderate

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

img-deo-tibba-base-camp-trek (bikatadventuresImage Source: bikatadventures

The trek is a perfect test of endurance and grit. It is a long haul trek and starts from the Kulu’s Parvati Valley to Spiti Valley’s Pin glacier. It is an ardent route and passes through a plethora of villages, valleys and oak forests. This trek is a great way to get the glimpse of the different culture and people right from the start of the trek to its final destination.

General Trek Information
Region: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 5335 Meters
Season: Mid-June to Mid-October
Grade: Challenging

Goecha La Trek

1410256654goechala-sikkim-trekking-north_east(travelhi5)Image Source: travelhi5

Goecha La Trek is a trekkers’ delight and offers a great chance to relish the exquisite beauty of the glistening Mt. Kanchenjunga (Highest Peak in India). The trek is set into the eastern Indian state of Sikkim and offers more than the trekking spectacle thrill. On the way relish, the intricate monasteries and colourful Buddhist scared fluttering flags. The trek is actually the extension of the Dzongri trek. The trail takes you into the high altitude glacial regions for an incredible Himalayan trekking experience.

General Trek Information
Region: Sikkim Himalaya
Altitude: 4940 Meters
Season: March – June and September -November
Grade: Moderate

The Shepherd Trail Trek (Gaddi Trek)

The-Shepherd-Trail-Trek (tourmyindia)Image Source: tourmyindia

This is an old trek route mostly used by the shepherd to reach the Kangra Valley tucked in the Dhuladhar ranges. The trekking route has become famous among the avid trekkers. Laden with tall oak and pine trees, valleys and rivulets the whole trek is a refreshing experience. Crossing the high passes of Kalihani, Khanpari and Thamsar the trek will finally take you to the serene and remoteness of the Kangra Valley. The breathtaking trek beings from the Manali, passing through the decked meadows of Lamadugh, hiking up to Khanpari Pass and then further on to Kalihani Pass. From there the altitude decreases taking you to the Bara Bhanghal village and continuing Thamsar Pass further onto Bir-Billing finally culmination the amazing trek at Dharamsala.

General Trek Information
Region: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 4800 Meters
Best Season: June – October
Grade: Tough

Singalila-Kanchenjunga Trek

singalila-enroute-1 (getupandgo)Image Source:getupandgo

The trek trail located in the Sikkim is yet another wonderful trekking gem. The trail closely runs on the Indo-Nepal border with exquisite landscape and soaring mountains cloaked with snow. Here trekkers will also get a chance to glimpse the rich Tibetan culture and Buddhist monasteries. The ancient old trek passes through some of the incredible meadows along with high altitude vegetation and trees. The Singalila range offers the jaw-dropping site of the world’s top four tallest mountains all exceeding the height to 8000 meters leading the way are Mt Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Kanchenjunga.

General Trek Information
Region: Sikkim Himalaya
Altitude: 4940 Meters
Season: March – May, September – October
Grade: Moderate to Challenging

Darcha to Lamayuru Trek

darcha-lamayuru5 (himalayanfrontiers)Image Source: Himalayanfrontiers

The Darcha to Lamayuru trek gives the feeling of unfolding an ancient village. This trek is strenuous one and it connects the Darcha village of Lahul region in Himachal to the isolated village of Lamayuru. The trek offers steep climb passing through the rugged and cold mountains secluded from any type of vegetation and trees. The high Himalayan wilderness offers you an amazing chance to spot the elusive Himalayan wildlife. The trek also traverses through some of the high passes including Shingo la 5,090 at meters, Parfi la at 3,950 meters, Hanamun la at 4,800 meters, Sengge la at 5,060 meters, Sirsir la and Prinkti la.

General Trek Information
Region: Ladakh Himalaya
Altitude: 5090 Meters
Season: June – October
Grade: Challenging

Nanda Devi East Base Trek and Milam Glacier Trek

himalayansnowrunnerImage Source: Himalayansnowrunner

Trek to this scintillating Himalayan trail of Nanda Devi East Base and get the enchanting and refreshing site of the Milam Glaciers. The trek passage is fairly challenging and requires premium fitness level to finish it. The trek offers a different rendezvous passage to the Nanda Devi. The Milam Glacier trek the largest in the Kumaon region spreads across the 28 km. Get the refreshing sight of the glistening glacier teeming with soaring mountains peaks and unspoilt scenery.

General Trek Information
Region: Kumaon Himalaya
Altitude: 4670 Meters
Season: May – October
Grade: Moderate to Challenging

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