Decoding MICE


MICE is a word which we often hear these days mostly in the business or corporate world. But what really the word “MICE” stands for. Though many of us know that the word is an acronym for Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition or Event. The MICE market mostly constitutes of a specialized niche of group tourism devoted to planning, booking and facilitating conference, seminars and events.

What Constitutes of MICE Travel?
MICE travel encompasses of an array of components. It must provide a complete range of travel and conference services for a large or small group, events ranging both longer and shorter duration. The players in the MICE field include meeting and convention departments of hotels, conference centers or cruise ships; beverages and food managers; logistic companies, tour operators, tourism boards and many other vital partners of the travel and hospitality industry.
Mainly of the nature of work which involves big planning and organization, travel companies dealing in MICE usually partnered with well-known corporate agencies.

Conference vs. Meeting
The International Association of Professional Congress Organizers outlines a meeting as an undefined number of people confluence in one place for a particular activity. The event may be one time or biannual. In contrast, a conference is similar but usually constitute of specific objective and exchange of information.

Incentive Tour
This component of MICE is not properly understood by many. Incentive travel constitutes of travel which is a sort of travel reward for the employ. It fully aims towards motivating and rewarding the employee or groups for their commendable job. The trip does not in any form relate to business travel but is more of a motivational reward.

Event or Exhibition 
The prime focus of exhibition or event travel is displaying products and services. In contrast, a conference or meeting event may include exhibition depending on the nature of an event. The exhibition is mainly organized to promote and advertise the particular product or service by the company.

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