Why Goa Tops As The Most Sought Out MICE Destination

In the recent years, MICE destination has been making up big rounds. Exquisite holiday cities portraying themselves as MICE friendly destinations is no big deal. But when it comes to being the all-inclusive MICE destination, the tiny state of Goa undoubtedly steals the spotlight. So what makes this small state enticing people from all wakes of life?

Chain of Luxury Hotels

The exquisite tropical destination is dotted with a wide range of luxury hotels and resorts. The first thing needed for a successful MICE is the exceptional venue. An entire flock of ultra-luxury hotels and resorts could be found in Goa. Equipped with modern amenities and unmatched facilities, hotels in Goa have become the first choice when it comes organizing any high-end successful MICE event.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

The tiny state is well-connected with domestic and international flights. The Goa international airport aka Dabolim airport caters to both domestic and international flights. Rail and unexceptional road connectivity also endorse Goa as the most sought out MICE destination. Within the state, the roads are nice and sleeky mostly laden with tall coconut trees or ocean on the other side making it perfect for a long drive after a long meeting.

Natural Beauty

Goa’s stunning coastline stretches into the Arabia Sea. The scenic tropical destination is home to some of the striking beaches, therefore making it perfect for the various recreational and adventurous activities employees could opt during MICE meetings. After a long hectic conferences employees could take a stroll at the beach or enjoy various adventurous watersports. The best thing is that there are many hotels and resorts located just a walk away distance from the beach. Besides beaches employees could also venture into nature walking and exploring the difference natural facet of the picturesque destination.

Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga, Goa has managed to promote itself as a vital center for these two ancient Indian healing powers. There are umpteen numbers of well-established Ayurveda and Yoga centers in Goa. Every hotel and resort in Goa will certainly have its own well-established Ayurveda and yoga center. These ancient healing centers will certainly prove to be a boon after the long hectic meeting.

Unmatched Seafood

When it comes to world-class seafood Goa arguably is the undisputed winner. The ocean on a daily basis supplies a fresh stock of the delicious marine species. The range is also incredible. One could also find hotels and resorts freshly preparing the food in front of you and later serving. There are high imprints of Portuguese, Jew and Arab traders on the Goan cuisine. This to a large extent has shaped the food habits of this tiny state.


When it comes to partying there is no match for Goa. Famous international music and dance festival have also to a very large extent has endorsed Goa’s image as a party destination. Nightlife is amazing with pubs, lounges and discos. The night scene which one would find in Goa will leave anyone craving for more. After sunset, those looking to loosen up and to celebrate the options are wide open. Goa certainly lives up to the imagination of any tourist or traveler visiting the tropical destination.

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