8 Spooky Destinations Not For Faint-hearted

Human mind has got this strange knack of reacting absurdly towards insane paranormal activities. It is a well known fact that we all are scared by the spine-chilling ghost stories, still our subconscious mind gets fascinated by the mysterious and creepy cliffhangers every time we hear them. But what if we say that there are real places in India that are infamous for being creepy and possessing supernatural powers. So, without much ado, let us take you into some of the scariest places tucked in the mesmerizing scenic backgrounds.

Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh, Rajasthan

Probably one of the most ghostliest places in the country. Bhangarh town has allured tourists from within the country and across the globe. The fort has a fable attached to it. A love story between a local magician and princess, and how after knowing the truth about the magician, the princess set a plot to kill him. But before being killed by the princess the magician casts a magic spell on the ill-fated fort. There is also warning board erected outside urging visitors and tourists not to enter the fort after sunset. Despite being doomed the Bhangarh Fort has emerged a popular holiday getaway on the famous Rajasthan holiday package.

Travel Facts
Best season: October to March
Visiting time: 6 Am to 6 Pm
How to reach: Approx 300 km from Delhi, the best way to travel is by SUV. From Delhi head towards Gurgaon and Alwar and from there take NH 11A from where Bhangarh is just 2 km.

D’Souza Chawl – Mahim, Mumbai

D' Souza Chawl
The Maximum city prominent for its glamour and Bollywood has also got some spooky places right in the middle of the burgeoning metropolitan. One such place is the ill-fated D’Souza Chawal in Mahim. The story which goes behind the chawl is that a woman fell into the well incessantly cried for help and died. Since then many people has witnessed the apparition of the unlucky lady wandering around the well. Scary!

Travel Facts
Best season: October to March
How to reach: Mumbai is well-connected by international and domestic flights from across the country and globe. The destination could be easily accessed by train and buses. On reaching the city take a cab, auto or city bus to reach the chilling D’Souza Chawl.

Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City
The famous Ramoji Film City where people works 24×7, along with the famous celebrities and the whole premises illuminated with camera and lights, could so easily make it to the top list of the most haunted places in the country. Strange! yes, folks you heard it right. People working here had been complaining the presence of spirits and mysterious activities constantly occurring. It is strange that paranormal activities mostly target the female worker at the film city.

Travel Facts
Best season: October to March
How to reach: The film city located in Hyderabad, with domestic and international flights connecting it to rest of the country and world. An extensive railway and road network connects the city with the entire country. On reaching Hyderabad people could take a bus, auto or cab to reach Ramoji.

Dow Hill Kurseong- Darjeeling

Dow hill school kurseong
The Dow Hill girl’s boarding school, one of the most sought out haunted places in the country especially for those who likes to visit these scenic and uncanny destinations. Set amongst the jaw-dropping beauty, there are real accounts from people who had seen a headless ghost of a boy roaming in and around the school varsity. Several murders in the vicinity have only added to the eerie making the school a must visit spooky destination with Tybros holidays.

Travel Facts
Best season: All Round the Year
How to reach: Dow Hill can be reached by train or flight. Bagdogra is the nearest airport. You can also board a train to Siliguri, from there take a bus or taxi to reach this mesmerizing and haunted place.

Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Holiday
The quaint Fern Hill Hotel in Ooty has been talk of the town. Many famous celebrities from Bollywood had recounted their fearful experiences during shoot of their respective films. Once such bizarre instance of the paranormal activity at the hotel had been shared by the famous actress Bipasha basu while shooting for her movie Raaz.

Travel Facts
Best season: All Round the Year
How to reach: Fern Hill resort is well-connected by rail and road network. The nearest airport is Coimbatore, from there one has to board a bus or rail. Nearest Railway station is Mettupalayam, 40 kilometers from away the hypnotic hill station.

The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie

Mussoorie Holiday
The story behind the mine is that of hundreds of miners those who died inhumanely inside the mine while working in hazardous conditions. Since then it is believed that the mine has become one of the spookiest and haunted place in the popular hill station. Unusual deaths and accident in and around the locality has made the place a must visit for travellers.

Travel Facts
Best season: All round the year
How to reach: Nearest railway and bus station is Dehradun. People could board the flight from Delhi to Dehradun from where the destination is just 32 km.

Tunnel 33, Kalka-Shimla Railway

Shimla Holiday
There are high chances that while relishing the mesmerizing views from the world-famous Shimla-Kalka Railway, you would be passing through the infamous tunnel no.33. A British engineer who had designed the tunnel shot himself inside of it after being mocked by his friends and colleagues. Locals and many tourists have narrated several instances when a mysterious man asks for a lighter to light his cigarette and then suddenly disappears. But many say the ghost is friendly.

Travel Facts
Best season: All Round the Year
How to reach: Shimla a famous tourist station is well-connected by road. The nearest airport is Chandigarh.

South Park Cemetery – Kolkata


The park besides showcasing the stunning mixture of Gothic architecture with Indo-Saracenic flavour is also a spooky place to visit in Kolkata. Many locals visiting the park had witnessed a shadow in white dress and there had been many cases where people feel ill after visiting the park.

Travel Facts
Best season: October – March
How to reach: Kolkata a metropolis is well connected by air, extensive railway and road network.

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